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There is a 30-day warranty on most repairs excluding charging port repairs. The warranty covers manufacturers’ defects only. The warranty does not cover physical damage, customer abuse, water damage, pre-existing software issues or unauthorized tampering or repair


All screen repairs must be done using only MCWireless parts. If necessary the device’s frame will be bent or filed in order for the glass installment to be successful.  Home buttons and Face ID are not guaranteed to work after repairs. The standard 30-day warranty applies.


Shipping dates for ordered parts are not guaranteed and are only approximate. Parts may be delayed due to the shipping company, weather, backorders, holidays or other circumstances.


When leaving an Apple product for a forgotten password, it is the customer’s responsibility to know the Apple ID. We do not offer Apple ID Activation unlocking. User unlocking resets the device to factory settings and MCWireless is not responsible for any data loss.


All charging port repairs have a 7-day warranty. The warranty does not cover if the part is physically broken.


When a device is left for repair, the password/passcode is needed in order for the technicians to test the parts/repairs before and after the repairs are done. If the customer does not wish to leave the password/passcode the responsibility is then transferred to the customer to test the device and inspect it. No claims can be brought to our attention once the customer leaves, unless a manufacturer defect.


There are no refunds, returns or cancellations on repairs once work has been done.


If phone is left for diagnostic and/or repairs are not done, there will be a minimum charge of $10 for technician labor. We are not responsible for any pre-existing software issues or conditions.


We are not responsible for data lost upon software repair, water damage, physical damage, pre-existing software issues, or unauthorized tampering or repair.


We are not responsible for blacklisted or blocked phones and returns are not applicable if device is blacklisted before or during the unlock/flashing process. Unlocks/flashings are non-cancelable; refunds are applicable only if the code is not found in the server.


We are not responsible for data loss due to water damage. All device features/functions are not guaranteed to work 100% after water treatment. If device does not respond after water treatment, customer must still pay full amount for water treatment. We are not responsible for any water damage symptoms that show up after water treatment.


All unclaimed repairs left for more than 30 days become property of MCWireless. This includes partial or fully paid repairs.


We are only going to repair or change the part requested and we are not responsible for any other damaged or defective parts or any problems that arise after repair has been done, unless manufacturer defect. We are not responsible for any personal property such as cases, memory cards, SIM cards, etc. Repair times are estimated and are not guaranteed. Any repairs done to device voids any original device manufacturer warranties. We are not responsible for any injury due to misuse or re-cracked screens.

MCWireless holds the right to refuse service to anyone that does not agree to all terms and policies as stated above. By signing this, you agree to let MCWireless repair your device. Once taken, it cannot be taken out of repair without charges.

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